About This Blog

I read a lot of stuff. Not all of it is useful, very little of it is interesting and most of it makes me angry. Sometimes I feel compelled to tell other people about the things that make me angry, and ever since I got banned from the water cooler at work, this blog has had to serve as my way to do that.

I am a young(ish) training consultant for a data analytics firm, so you might guess I’m a massive geek: you’d be right. I’m also a feminist, a socialist and extremely forgetful. In my spare time I’m also a comedian. I’ll be blogging about politics, feminism, atheism and comedy. In the sidebar on this blog you’ll be able to see any slots I’ve signed up for in advance. I also do as many open slots in the London area as my ego can stand. If you want to see me perform, come along to one of the nights in the calendar, or hit me up on Twitter to see if I’m chasing any open slots in the near future.

Follow me on Twitter at @timballantine, or look me up on Facebook – just don’t confuse me with my Dad, or next Christmas will get awkward.

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