Methinks the Met Doth Protest Too Much

The Metropolitan Police released a statement today about a series of dawn raids that took place this morning in a crackdown on burglars. While I obviously think it is important that we make efforts to find stolen goods and to prosecute burglars, some of the language used in the statement gets my back up. It’s almost as if the Met are worried people might thik that this wasn’t a stellar use of 1000 officers and they’re trying to get thier defence in before any shit comes their way [emphasis mine]:

Supported by Tower Hamlets Council the meticulously-executed operation resulted in the seizure of a significant haul of electrical goods, including smart phones and laptops, all believed to be stolen from addresses across London.

All of those arrested are currently in custody in various police stations pending further enquiries.

Detective Chief Inspector Des McHugh, who led today’s operation, said:

“These arrests follow a lengthy intelligence-led operation designed to combat criminal networks within Tower Hamlets and the surrounding boroughs.”

I want to reiterate that I don’t have a problem with the Metropolitan Police targeting criminals (in fact I think that’s their job). But when I hear the words “Metropolitan Police” and “dawn raid” in the same sentence the cynical part of me wonders how much of this was the targeted and necessary use of (let me say again) over 1000 officers, and how much was a bunch of men who wanted to put on their bullet-proof vests and feel like they’re in Homeland.

Congratulations to the Metropolitan police for effecting 80 arrests this morning. However, whether it really needed 10-12 officers per suspect is another matter altogether – it speaks broadly to our increasingly militarised and belligerent MPS.

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