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Let the Greens into the Political Mainstream

I’ve posted once or twice about the Greens in recent months. Full disclosure: I am not a Green party supporter. However, I do believe they offer a better hope for Britain than any of the main three parties or any of the new challengers coming in from the right, such as UKIP.

The Green Party of England and Wales (there is a separate affiliated Scottish party) has an MP, two MEPs and 141 councillors across England and Wales. They polled third in the most recent London mayoral elections. While on the national popular vote they often poll a little lower, they are by representation the fourth largest non-geographical party in the UK and are the only loud voice of progressive politics left in traditional politics.

The Young Greens have opened an e-petition asking for the Greens to have a seat at the table. They want the Green party to be included in future Prime Ministerial debates, and I for one believe this will do real good. Nick Clegg’s performance at the first Prime Ministerial brought the Tories towards the centre, and I believe that including the Green’s can help pull the narrative of politics back into the world of social justice.

I am not alone in thinking this. Polls suggest that over half of Britons feel much the same way. Show your support for democracy by allowing one of the UK’s major parties to enter the political mainstream:


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What is the Party of Social Justice in the UK?

Is it Labour? No. Since Blair, Labour are no longer a real party for labour interests in the UK. They still take donations from the unions, but that doesn’t make them “for” labour interests. Or even “for” social justice.

The LibDems? Never were. And that’s before they got into bed with the Tories.

Nope. If you want a party which has a commitment to social justice written into its constitution, you need the Green party. So: for social justice, you need to be supporting the party which polled 7th in the popular vote at the last general election – a number skewed rather high as the Greens fields nearly 10 times as many candidates than any of the 8th through 12th largest parties.

This is our representative for social justice in mainstream politics. And people wonder why we young people lose faith in mainstream politics.

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Bad Chart Tuesday

Taking a leaf out of SkepChick’s Bad Graph Thursday, I’m going to show you a graph. This is not just any graph. This is a graph showing the correlation between attitudes towards sushi, and attitudes towards gay marriage across generations. This is a graph presented without any irony whatsoever, and it proves… something. Thanks, Mother Jones!

In all its glory:

sushi vs gay marriage

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