Are wealthy MPs at a disadvantage?


This post from Left Foot Forward puts forward the idea that a study shows that voters find excessive riches distasteful. And then tries to spin it into a narrative of the rich being discriminated against in parliament.

I was just thinking that we don’t have enough millionaires in Parliament. Maybe we should try to shut the poor out of politics to even the balance? Throw in a few unpaid internships to make sure that only the rich can afford to join the legislative class. We’re overwhelmed by the poor in politics and I, for one, want to see an end to it. What happened to the days when our aristocracy had a divine right to treat us how they pleased? I’m pretty sure we were all happier then.

AN END! To the poor and the middle-class in politics! This is our mantra! Who wants elections these days anyway? What an absurdly excessive spending of public funds, when we could be passing on the savings as tax breaks to fracking companies.

Or maybe they should all just fuck right off. Left Foot Forward is supposed to be a blog of the left. The mainstream left make me sick.

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